Didier Drogba – A New 10bet Star

The 10bet company has a new ambassador, nonetheless then legendary footballer Didier Drogba. As Ivorian national team captain, he is famous for his love of sports and all things related to this industry. The former Chelsea legend recently announced his official partnership with the sports-betting giant, and he is now ready to share his passion and sports ambassadorship with everyone in the sportsbook world.

The joined partnership between 10bet’s betting service and immense sports market variety and the two-time African player of the year seems like a great fit. As one of the leading sportsbooks in the market, 10bet often upstages some of the most popular betting sites. The operator truly captures the exciting and intense experience of the sports betting, making it a perfect choice for the football champion Drogba.

If we consider the fact that the famous footballer won a Champions League trophy and four Premier League titles, in addition to other numerous awards, we can say that Drogba knows how to choose a winning team. With such a successful career, it is safe to say that he will surely bring high professionalism and contagious competitive spirit to his ambassadorship activities. He has announced that he has every intention of using his extent winning experience to bring a winning edge to his new 10bet partner.

To see Didier Drogba as 10bet’s ambassador, check out this video:




The choice for their new endorsement seems like a well thoughted and action-oriented idea, meaning this sports brand is doing something excellent. The sole fact that Drogba is very choosy when it comes to his sponsorship selection, leads us to the conclusion that this new partnership is a big deal.