£250m Worth Premier Golf League Series to Begin in 2023

premier golf league worth 250 million starts in 2023 - featured image

The revolutionary £250 million worth global competition, scheduled to begin in January 2023, will comprise 18 tournaments aimed at the best 48 male players in the world.

There are also plans to include major women’s tours and invest 50% of the profit back into the golf community.

Twelve of the events will be staged in the US, with others taking place all around the world. Each competition is estimated to be worth $20 million, with $4 million going to the winner. This is significantly higher than even the biggest purse on the PGA Tour – $2.7 million for a single event from a $15 million prize fund.

The British-based World Golf Group, which stands behind this project, is worth over $20 billion. The Group’s boss Andy Gardiner said the date is realistic, and the team is ready to go: “We’ve used the last eight months to bring in externals to check through every single piece of the model to make sure the events of the last 12 months with COVID haven’t changed our thinking […] The January 2023 date right now is entirely feasible. We will see how the conversations go with the community that we want to embrace.”

Gardiner believes this project will draw new fans to golf.

In light of the PGL launch announcement, some players were threatened with exclusion and lifetime bans from established tours. Gardiner, however, insists that such actions would be unlawful: “Imagine the reaction of the sponsors and the broadcasters if the world’s best players were all of a sudden banned. Common law in the US says that is a punishment, that’s not a protection.” He also pointed out that the offer of giving 50% back to the community will allow players to progress and help preserve the game.

Whichever way the situation develops, one thing is certain – golf fans among sports bettors would welcome the chance to place their bets on this new competition on some of the best new UK betting sites.