Terms of Use

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The Terms of Use you’re about to read(from now on referred to as “terms and conditions” or “Terms”) refer to the use of bettingmate.uk (also referred to as “Website,” “we,” or “us”). These terms become valid from the day you first visit our website and apply to all visitors. You consent to the terms in full by simply visiting the Website.

If you do not agree with these Terms of Use, you should stop using the Website.

By using bettingmate.uk, you consent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old.

1. Restrictions

You’re not allowed to use bettingmate.uk if you:

  • Act in any way that may be conceived as fraudulent, deceitful or misleading
  • Send or post abusive, threatening, or other questionable and harmful content
  • Influence other people’s use of the website
  • Post advertising or spam content
  • Act in a way contrary to the UK laws and regulations
  • Operate in a way that violates any patent, trademark, or other intellectual property of any party

Also, the usage of automated query programs which mine, harvest, crawl data from website is strictly forbidden. It’s prohibited to scrape, catch, or crawl the content on our Website without an explicit permission from us. On the other hand, only your personal information will be treated as confidential or proprietary.

2. Intellectual Property Protection

All content and the Website as a whole is owned by us. Therefore, it’s protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights.

However, we allow you to share the content of our website under several conditions:

  • You must keep all copyright and proprietary signs
  • The material can’t be copied, reproduced, rebroadcasted, nor in any way used for commercial purposes
  • You’ll have to ask for permission first

3. Liability Limitations

  1. We’re not to be held accountable for direct, indirect, or accidental damages, or profit, data, and revenue loss caused by your use of our website.
  2. We do our utmost to ensure all reviews on our site are 100% correct, but we can’t guarantee that will be the case. Therefore, we cannot be held accountable for data validity by neither you nor any third-party institution.
  3. This website contains external links, but those websites are responsible for their own content.

4. Website Availability

Although we do our best to keep the website up at all times, we can’t guarantee that it will be free of errors or down due to maintenance. If you find and error, feel free to report it so we can fix it as soon as possible.

5. General Terms

  • If there happens to be a change in legal terms, these general terms will change as well. Still, you’ll be notified of any updates since they’ll become valid right after the notification. If you don’t agree with the new terms, you must stop using the website. On the other hand, by continuing to use the website, you agree with all the changes in the Terms.
  • Your rights and obligations can’t be assigned or transferred to a third-party.
  • We are not responsible for any breach of these terms inflicted by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

6. Reviews

  • We promise that are reviews are not paid and are 100% unbiased.
  • None of the reviews are neither paid nor influenced in any way by a third party.

7. Law and Jurisdiction

  • These terms and any dispute that may arise concerning them are subject to the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom.
  • We can’t promise that content on this website will be in compliance with your local laws if you visit it outside the United Kingdom. Therefore, you’ll be accountable if you visit the Website in countries where it’s not permitted by local laws and regulations.

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