Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure - BettingMate

Why Affiliates?

If you want to build a website, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort into planning, brainstorming, launching and of course maintaining high-quality content. You’ll need a team of people to do it, and you can’t pay a team of people with pocket money.

After paying our bills, ‘all’ that’s left to do is find enough funds to deposit and play on each website to ensure genuine betting sites analysis. Although we always deposit the minimum, if our luck runs out, we’ll need to deposit again to test the withdrawal process.

For all those reasons, we needed to find a way to fund our website and keep the quality level intact. Luckily, we’ve found affiliate marketing!

How Does The Affiliate System Work?

Before we explain how the whole system works, it’s important to say that we don’t ask for monetary compensation from anyone. We pay our bills exclusively through affiliate marketing. However, we need your help to do it. Namely, every time you visit one of the gambling sites or pick up their bonus offer through our affiliate link, we get a small commission from our partners.

It’s extremely important to note that we become partners with a betting site only after our reviewers have written a review. This way, we ensure that our reviews are 100% genuine and unbiased. Finally, the fact that you’ll be visiting a betting site through an affiliate link won’t alter your experience in any way. For more information, read on and learn why you should become a contributor!

Why Should you Become a Contributor?

The simple answer to this is question is – because it’s completely free! Second of all, it’s utterly safe since no personally identifiable information will be neither collected nor shared. Finally, providing us with the small commission will enable you to keep getting the same high-quality reviews as usual. So, the real question is probably – why wouldn’t you become a contributor? If you ask us, there’s no reason not to help!