About Us

Who We Are

BettingMate is a project created with hopes of changing the sports betting industry for the better! We are a small group of betting enthusiasts from the UK, and frankly, we are tired of how some bookmakers treat their users. That is why we have created this platform where we can research, test, and evaluate UK bookies and share our experience with our readers. Our ultimate goal? We want to help players stay safe and play only at the best sport betting operators in the UK!


stefan about us bettingmate.uk


Head of Search

Hello, I'm Stefan and I am fanatic about sports and betting. For me, these two go hand in hand. Since I've started betting, which was a long time ago, it added a new layer of watching sports. Even when my team is not playing, my friends and I would tune in to follow the results. As you can imagine, over the years I have gathered quite a bit of knowledge about this industry and, of course, played on dozens of betting sites. While the UKGC is doing a wonderful job regulating operators, my goal with this website is to help other punters find the most suitable betting site for their needs. Hopefully, my reviews and case studies will help you do just that, as well as educate you about the UK's favorite pastime.

raj about us bettingmate.uk


Technical SEO & UX/UI

Hi, my name is Raj and I'm in charge of the development part. I share the same passion for sports betting as Stefan, but I am more into techy stuff. While he creates the content and carries out case studies, I make sure that everything is presented nicely and functions flawlessly. However, I am just one guy and things do break. So, if you see a bug on our site, feel free to contact me! You can report it through the contact us section so I can fix it as soon as possible.

Our Mission

We have a straightforward but ambitious mission for this website – evaluate every sports betting platform available in the UK and rate them based on their performance. Bookmakers have scammed players out of their money too many times, and we want to stop that! We test all operators that are listed on the website, checking their deposit and withdrawal times, placing real money bets, and ultimately rating them based on the data collected.

Our Promise

We promise to all visitors that all our reviews and articles are unbiased and come after having a hands-on experience with the bookmaker. We want to protect UK players from the predatory and outright fraudulent behaviour of some bookies, so we won’t hesitate to highlight any suspicious activity we spot. Remember, we are betting fans first, and we will always be on the side of the consumer.

How We Do It?

BettingSites is an objective and independent website! That means all our reviews and case studies are done using our own money, eliminating any potential conflict of interest between bookmakers and us. Our site provides you with comprehensive reviews of the best betting sites the UK has to ofer. Of course, we don’t just pick bookmakers because they are popular, we use a range of factors to analyse them and come up with the top options based on what UK punters want. Here are some factors we take into consideration:

  • Quality and size of the sportsbook
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Payment limits
  • Quality of customer support
  • UX/UI design
  • Bonus and promotional ofer
  • Reputation and history of the operator


Player Safety At The Forefront!

Sports betting is an excellent source of entertainment. However, it can be addictive! Our site is an advocate of responsible betting. You should always see betting as a way to have fun and not a business or source of income. Please note that while there are chances to increase your odds of winning, there is no guarantee you will win every game you bet.


We don’t support betting with what you cannot aford to lose. Don’t borrow money to gamble and don’t bet with the money you cannot do without. Bet only to have fun!