Brazil-Germany Rematch Kicking Off the Olympics

brazil and germany kicking off tokyo olympics - featured image

The Tokyo Olympics are finally set to start, and on Thursday, football fans will enjoy a treat – a rematch of the Olympic 2016 finals.

Football is the first big sporting event of this year’s Olympics, with two exciting matches kicking off another grand tournament. First up, Honduras will play against Romania, which hasn’t sent its football team to the Olympics since 1964. Even with such a long absence from the Games, Romania has been given a significant advantage by major betting sites. Expect an interesting game.

Half an hour later starts the “final before the finals,” a big rematch between Brazil and Germany. To see these two teams going against each other at the very start of the tournament is a huge surprise, as they were the finalists of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics five years ago. That match ended up in a stalemate after each team’s captain scored a goal during regular time. It then went into overtime, immediately followed by an incredibly tense penalty shootout where Brazil finally won after five rounds. It was, in fact, the very first football gold medal for Brazil in the Olympics history, and the team is eager to climb the podium once again.

Germany’s national team, on the other hand, came out of EURO 2020 with less than stellar results, losing 2-0 to England at the very start of the play-off stage. That being said, the team is going to the Olympics with its Under-23 squad, so a bunch of youngbloods could prove to be just what the team needed to rejuvenate.

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics is scheduled to start on June 23 at noon. We have yet to see what surprises the Japanese hosts have prepared for the audience, but expectations are high, especially after the Nintendo-inspired announcement back in 2016.