Genius Sports Gets NFL Data Rights for $120M a Year

genius sports nfl featured image

The National Football League announced that Genius Sports would be replacing Sportradar as the League’s data partner. The six-year deal is worth $120 million annually, and the NFL also gets a stake in the UK data company.

This makes Genius Sports the exclusive distributor of NFL statistics, including real-time play-by-play data, official sports-betting data, and NFL Next-Gen stats for sportsbooks and media outlets both in the US and abroad. The company will also be in charge of presenting the NFL’s legalized sports-betting advertisements across NFL-owned platforms.

The contract states that the NFL and Genius Sports will develop a joint technology hub to improve data feeds and products and promote various offerings aimed at fans. According to Genius Sports, this partnership is an essential element of the League’s general approach to legalized betting and should improve the data feeds supplying fans with NFL statistics.

The new contract is six times more valuable than the one the NFL had with Sportradar; both the Sportradar contract and Genius Sports one involves the NFL taking equity in the partnering company.

Both partners stated their satisfaction with the agreement. Kevin LaForce, Vice President of Media Strategy and Business Development for the NFL, went on to say: “We look forward to working with Genius as we continue to innovate and enhance NFL content on media and betting platforms.”

The Genius Sports CEO, Mark Locke, added: “Genius is proud and delighted to partner exclusively with the NFL to establish a new era of digital fan engagement for professional sports leagues everywhere.”