Global Survey Reveals Higher Demand for Women’s Football on TV

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Recent research carried out by polled football fans to understand their interest levels and viewing habits when it comes to women’s professional league football. One of the survey’s key findings reveals that if games are easily accessible on television, viewing figures will increase by 300% to 350%.

The research – which surveyed 5,000 football aficionados around the world – discovered that just 7.7% of football fans in the UK watch women’s league football. That figure is even lower for fans in the EU (6.56%) and the US (6.4%).

Another interesting finding indicates that men are greater supporters of women’s football than women in the United Kingdom; according to the report, 61.9% of women’s football viewers are male. However, this isn’t the case across the European Union, where women are in the majority (53.5%), nor in the United States where the split is virtually 50-50.

According to the survey, the potential for popularity growth in the women’s game is evident: 30.7% of UK football enthusiasts said they would watch women’s leagues if they were broadcast live on TV. Almost the same percentage of EU fans (30.07%) and US football fans (29.4%) gave the same answer.

Once again, the gender divide is obvious among football enthusiasts in the United Kingdom: 34.4% of male fans are interested in watching women’s leagues, but only 27.1% of female fans are ready to watch such sporting events in the future. In the US, 29.6% of male football aficionados and 29.1% of female supporters are interested in watching women’s football in the future. The EU survey results aren’t identical: 29.6% of male fans and 29.1% of female fans said they would watch women’s leagues if they were on TV.

If the intentions to broadcast more women’s games were carried out, women’s league football could witness a 296.7% viewership rise in the UK. The increase could be as high as 358.70% in the EU and 304.6% in the US.