An In-Depth Guide on How to Bet on Cricket Matches

In the last decades, cricket’s popularity skyrocketed. As a result, millions of punters look for value in cricket betting and place wagers on various matches.

On the other hand, many are not familiar with the advanced elements of betting on cricket. For those willing to learn how to bet on cricket matches, we prepared a full-blown betting guide.

Let’s see how you can make your cricket betting more enjoyable and more profitable.

Six Quick Facts About Betting on Cricket

  • Modern cricket matches come in several formats and categories.
  • Each game format provides different betting markets and in-game specifics.
  • Cricket betting sites offer pre-match and live odds.
  • Many variables affect the outcome of a cricket match, including weather and pitch conditions.
  • Long-term wagers on cricket will let you predict winners of tournaments and series.
  • Short-term markets in cricket include betting on the number of runs or wickets.

Before we dive into betting rules in cricket, we should mention a few facts about the sport. After all, cricket has a long-lasting tradition and impressive heritage. The game’s origins go back to the 17th century, and the sport eventually grew into a global industry. Cricket now captivates over 2.5 billion followers, with the highest popularity in India, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and the UK.

Therefore, it’s not surprising to see millions betting on cricket markets and looking for opportunities to exploit.

How To Bet on Cricket

Compared to football or basketball, cricket might seem complex and overwhelming. Europeans and Americans would probably agree with this classification. We’ll dive deeper into the game’s intricacies later on, but we should first revisit the basics.

Namely, it’s crucial to understand that you can bet on cricket in two ways. First, you can use the pre-match markets. As the name says, bookies offer these odds before the match. Or you could opt for live betting and wager on in-play odds.

Most cricket bet tips and guides will also tell you that cricket matches come in several formats. Precisely, the three primary categories are Twenty20, One-Day, and Test cricket. Each of them offers a unique take on the game, with varying innings and different durations. For instance, Test matches last for five days, while the T20 format takes less than three hours.

As expected, the format affects betting opportunities. The offence-oriented Twenty20 games from the Indian Premier League offer only 20 overs. Conversely, the prestigious Test matches provide up to six hours of gameplay per day!

Since modern cricket comes in various flavours, punters should follow several betting rules in cricket to boost their winning chances. We will focus on finding value in cricket in the upcoming chapters, but it’s crucial to start by finding a reliable betting site. For example, the best betting sites in the UK display a seal of approval from the Great Britain Gambling Commission. Punters should stay away from unregulated websites, let alone deposit funds at those shady platforms.

How To Earn Money in Cricket Betting?

Cricket betting can be an enjoyable pastime, but it can also transform into a profitable hobby. Of course, this mission requires the favours of Lady Luck, together with a profound understanding of cricket betting markets. Since we cannot affect the luck factor, it’s necessary to learn as much as possible about betting on cricket.

For example, punters should focus on a particular format and specialise in either ODI, Test, or Twenty20 cricket. By doing so, they’ll learn how cricket betting works in specific events, with all the intricacies related to different categories of matches.

Likewise, analysing the venue is a prerequisite for successful wagering on cricket. The climate and geographic position can affect the pitch, and most high-profile stadiums come with unique characteristics. For instance, the venues in India come with slower grass, resulting in a lower bounce. The primary types of pitches in cricket are green, dusty, and dead.

Similarly, punters should apply other online cricket betting tips, such as analysing individual player’s form. It’s no secret that most players perform better on some venues, not to mention being a specialist in a particular cricket format.

Of course, all-rounders like Ben Stokes or Shakib Al-Hasan can be a safe bet in any competition. Then again, even famous cricket players can dip in form or take their performances to a whole new level. For that reason, checking their previous matches is a must if you want to place informed wagers.

In essence, anyone looking to learn how to bet on a cricket match should study statistics and exploit the data. Fortunately, new betting sites display a vast selection of relevant information about players and teams in cricket. Since cricket is such a nuanced game, any element can make a difference in the long haul. Also, the research will help you get a better understanding of the game.

Nevertheless, punters should never bet on cricket without a plan. Thus, having a cricket betting strategy will keep you focused and increase your long-term returns.

Cricket Betting Strategies

Once you research the weather, pitch conditions, and a player’s form, you can move on to the strategies and plans for your cricket betting sessions. Of course, your bankroll should be the starting point because it will determine the number and frequency of wagers. In other words, a money management system can structure wagers and set punters on the right track.

These days, many betting strategies are at your disposal. For example, many punters opt for the so-called early wicket strategy. Most cricket bet tips and guides refer to this betting system as perfect for the fast-paced Twenty20 matches. Yet, this strategy requires betting on websites that provide the cashout option. Thus, punters should sign up with the best betting sites to increase their winning chances by diversifying their betting portfolio.

Speaking of bookmakers, we should mention the importance of creating accounts with multiple operators. By doing so, you can compare the odds and bet on the most favourable prices.

When it comes to cricket betting strategies, many punters opt for wagering only on prop bets. It all starts with the coin toss, and many even bet on the outcome of the toss. Likewise, a viable option is to focus on the top batsman. The same goes for wicket-taking betting, another potentially lucrative area. Again, researching pitch conditions and learning more about bowlers will boost your chances of predicting the number of wickets taken in a match.

How To Bet on Cricket: Tips & Tricks

We already listed a couple of tactics and techniques that can help with your cricket betting career. Even so, many variables are at play, and several other methods can yield lucrative returns. After all, cricket is a multi-layered sport, and the same applies to betting on the game.

For example, in-play betting on cricket can boost the excitement but also the payouts. Real-time updates allow bookmakers to adjust the odds, but they also benefit savvy punters preying on value bets.

If you want to learn how to earn money in cricket betting, the live betting section could be right up your alley. Nonetheless, punters should know that the odds in cricket can fluctuate and drift significantly from one inning to another.

Dealing with the dramatic turnarounds is part and parcel of betting on cricket bashes. Stay on your toes but never chase losses. If a series of poor results strikes, revert to your cricket betting strategy and adjust the wagers.


Cricket’s popularity shows no signs of stopping; that’s why it’s essential to learn how to bet on cricket matches. Even though the game can seem complex to the uninitiated, the rules of cricket are easy to grasp once you watch a game or two. Therefore, look for a suitable betting site and join millions of punters betting on cricket.

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