A Beginner’s Guide on How to Make Money Betting on Baseball

Even though its popularity in the UK can’t compete with its cousin cricket, baseball has a massive following worldwide. In the United States, Latin America, and East Asia, baseball often outranks other sports, providing a wealth of betting opportunities for a savvy punter. Indeed, betting on baseball can be profitable, but the game also comes with action-packed gameplay. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation and one more reason to learn how to make money betting on baseball.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of this bat-and-ball sporting activity.

Six Quick Facts About Betting on Baseball

  • Modern baseball developed in the USA and became the “national pastime”.
  • The best betting sites provide pre-match and in-play odds on baseball matches.
  • The most famous baseball leagues are played in the USA, Japan, and Cuba.
  • The scoreline in baseball is expressed as the number of runs achieved in nine innings.
  • The opposing teams take turns batting and fielding, with batters trying to advance around bases to score a run.
  • Each team fields nine players, and you can bet on their performances.

No matter if you are a fan of the Dodgers, Cubs, Mets, or the Red Sox, high-profile baseball matches can provide hours of entertainment. Best of all, the hair-raising and nail-biting gameplay also provides an array of wagering opportunities.

Before moving on to in-depth baseball betting advice, we should first take a step back and revisit the basics. After all, a profound understanding of the game’s intricacies will inevitably affect the betting portfolio.

From its mysterious origins in the UK to the modern bright-lit venues across the globe, baseball simultaneously developed and remained faithful to the fundamentals. Yet, that’s only a part of its charm, so let’s see what else you need to know for successful wagering on old and new betting sites.

How to Bet on Baseball?

Played by two teams of nine, a typical baseball match comprises nine periods called innings. With no clock to kill, the game has no specified duration except those nine segments. The playing field, known as the diamond, features four positions called bases.

In essence, the teams compete for dominion over the bases, with batters trying to conquer the positions and the defence protecting them. When the attacking team advances through the bases, they score a run. Of course, the game’s ultimate goal is to finish the match with more runs than the opposition.

Nevertheless, the secret to learning how to bet on baseball online hides in understanding the odds provided by bookies. Unlike most other sports, baseball betting revolves around money lines and run lines — a system that might seem overwhelming to the uninitiated. Even so, there’s no need to worry because we’ll cover the topic in detail.

Baseball markets also include betting on individual pitchers and their performances. The options cover a range of game-specific elements, making baseball an exciting sport for betting enthusiasts.

How to Read Baseball Betting Lines

Baseball betting lines are unique and specific, unlike the odds for most other sports. As we said, bookmakers and punters refer to them as moneylines or run lines. Here’s how they look and behave in action.

What Is the Moneyline in Baseball Betting?

Expressed as a 3-digit number with either a plus or minus sign in front of them, the moneyline prices in baseball show the probability of an outcome. The minus represents a favourite, while the plus sign indicates an underdog.

When learning how to bet on baseball games, you’ll often see odds like -110 or +115. We must also mention that bookmakers base moneyline prices on £100. For instance, moneyline odds show punters could win £10 after lying £10 on the favourite and collecting £20 in total. A wager on the underdog can yield £115 for every £100 or £15 on a 10-pound bet.

Therefore, moneyline betting is straightforward and easy to understand. Yet, the best UK betting sites will also display another option for wagering, the so-called run lines.

What Is the Run Line in Baseball Betting?

Admittedly, most casual punters opt for moneylines when betting on baseball. Nonetheless, wagering on the run lines can be equally exciting and profitable as betting on the moneyline.

After all, a single run determines the outcome of around one-third of baseball matches. Hence the appeal and the need to predict the number of runs correctly if one wants to win big. As a rule of thumb, run lines in betting apps and websites come as -1.5 for favourites and +1.5 for underdogs.

And there you have it — baseball betting odds explained. Of course, punters can wager on many other aspects of baseball. For instance, most websites will offer betting on pitchers, but you can also wager on over/under markets regarding the number of runs. Plus, bookmakers’ creativity allows for coming up with all sorts of prop bets and unique betting markets.

Since the range of options can overwhelm, it’s time to look at the most rewarding strategies for betting on baseball.

What Are the Best Baseball Betting Systems?

Successful betting on baseball requires careful planning and plenty of research. A systemic approach is a must-have for ending the long-term race with a positive balance.

For example, baseball sees more upsets than any other major sport. An overcrowded schedule could be the primary reason for this phenomenon, with fatigue negatively affecting the teams. Either way, underdogs in baseball come with inviting odds and a higher chance of winning than those in football or tennis.

Conversely, we could say that avoiding favourites and going against the public could be a viable baseball betting strategy.

Another rewarding approach deals with following the prices closely and pouncing on the so-called Reverse Line Movement (RLM). In essence, this strategy is all about monitoring the changes in odds offered in baseball games. Much like in horse racing, if you notice a sharp movement in prices, especially in the reverse direction, consider taking advantage of the situation.

Likewise, some franchises in baseball win a significant number of matches thanks to the home advantage. One of the basic baseball betting systems would be to look for value in matches when those teams play in front of their home crowd.

Punters can either back the home team outright and chase low-value returns or analyse previous performances and wait for a surprising guest win. If a team is in good form, with a few assured wins in previous matches, you can back them against a favoured home team.

Betting on Baseball: Tips and Tricks

Since we listed some of the most profitable systems for betting on baseball, we should also say that none of them guarantees a profit. After all, luck plays a significant role in baseball, as it does in any other sport. For that reason, punters can improve their winning chances by keeping a close eye on the following elements.

Namely, if you want to learn how to bet on baseball and win, start by analysing individual players’ form and teams’ previous performances. Because of the massive number of games in a season, fatigue and mental tiredness can affect both players and teams.

Also, punters should always pay attention to the weather, most importantly the wind. Windy conditions can slow the ball down, causing problems for pitchers. Of course, this can affect the scoring and provide value to punters focused on over/under markets.

Lastly, one of the crucial betting on baseball tips would be never to stray away from reliable betting sites. In other words, sign up only with legitimate websites to ensure the safety of your hard-earned money.


Betting on the MLB or any other baseball competition can be lucrative and enjoyable, as long as you apply the guidelines listed above. By doing so, you’ll be on the right track to learn how to make money betting on baseball and profit from your knowledge.

The best UK betting sites will let you wager in a protected environment, so make the most out of the opportunity and explore the library of baseball betting markets.

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