How to Request a Bet From a Bookmaker

If you are bored of standard betting options offered at your favourite online sportsbooks and want to try something that’ll boost your adrenaline, requesting your own bets from bookmakers can be a game-changer. Creating your own bet gives you more control over your betting slip and better prospects of winning – provided that you do it skillfully and that you know something about the upcoming sports event the bookmaker doesn’t.

Having the freedom to request unique odds on customised bets is something more creative punters have always longed for. However, it does have its downsides. Luckily, we’re here to untangle all the snarls and answer all the questions you might have. Give our guide a read and learn the basics of requesting a bet from your bookie.

Requesting a Customised Bet – Then and Now

The possibility of creating a unique bet tailored to fit your predictions for various games’ outcomes isn’t a new practice; high-street bookmakers have been offering this option for decades.

However, back in the day, punters had to find a way to contact the bookie with their request. Then, the bookmaker, in turn, would need to contact an odds trader, who would get back to you once they decided whether to accept or decline your offer. Not only that the whole process was complicated and time-consuming, but you also had to make a prediction for the match you wanted to bet on way ahead at the expense of accuracy.

Long gone are the days when you had to go through all these steps to request a bet. Nowadays, you can simply tweet your offer or use bet builders on your smartphone to select odds within minutes. This saves a lot of time and lets you place your wagers just before the event, thus increasing your prospect of winning. Another convenient option is the possibility to see fellow bettors’ predictions and choose to back theirs or adapt or modify yours.

Bet Builders

The easiest way to place your own customised bets is through a ready-made bet builder. These are automated features of many popular UK online betting platforms that allow you to combine various markets. Bet builders are the fastest option because they include a bet calculator that calculates the odds instantly. On top of that, odds request services are very flexible and allow punters to change the value of the selections or add and remove them quickly while checking the effects these modifications have on the odds.

Now for the downsides. Some punters might find crafting their bets more limited than they had hoped for, as bet builders offer a limited set of outcomes. Also, the feature is mostly available for football markets, as it all started there. Even though more and more markets get added to the list, including rugby, tennis, basketball, horse racing, and American football, it still doesn’t mean you can place your bets on all the sports you might want to.

What Is a “Request a Bet” Feature?

Bet builders are great when you have limited time or if you’re not experienced enough to come up with your own combinations. However, more experienced bettors and those who want more than the options offered by bet builders often reach out for Bet Request services. These enable punters to fully customise their betting slip, combining any market and any betting type available in the sportsbook.

Here’s how to make your knowledge and experience count.

Most players contact their bookies via Twitter, so make sure to follow your bookmaker on that social network. Once you tailor your bet, simply tweet them using the correct hashtag you can find on the bookie’s account. They’ll get back to you with the price or with the link where you can place your wager. Most bookies require you to make a bet within a certain time frame, usually 30 minutes prior to the match.

Other ways of reaching out and asking for a specific bet are via email or a dedicated app. Using an app designed for the sole purpose of requesting your own bets from bookmakers makes the whole process a lot more straightforward.

Tips for Crafting Your Wagers

  • Don’t go overboard with your selections: Even though watching your odds climb is tempting, adding too many selections isn’t the best idea. If you get too greedy and craft a complicated accumulator bet with too many legs, you’re more likely to end up losing your money. Stick to the basics and focus on a couple of betting options to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Hunt for the best odds: Never rush and agree to the first proposal you get. Requesting prices from multiple sportsbook operators can increase your chances of getting the best odds. Once you get a price from the bookie, check with other bookmakers as well, and compare the prices.
  • Beware of additional costs: Request-a-bet options are considered premium features. Crafting your wagers is exciting, but it may not always be profitable. Most high-street bookmakers who offer this option charge higher commissions on customised bets compared to their own, readily available bets.
  • Do proper research: Now that you know how to request odds on a bet, it’s important to do your homework before you start wagering. Never place your bets on a whim, no matter how tempted you are. Check the other punters’ bets, how many of them are backing a market and how much money they’re staking. Lean on reliable data, insiders’ tips, and your own research and experience before you place your wager. Doing all this will improve your chances of a successful bet.

Is Requesting Your Own Odds Worth It?

Crafting your own wagers can be a great way of increasing your chances of winning by employing your knowledge and experience. It can also be more exciting than placing regular bets.

However, you should be aware that the larger the market – the more decent the odds, and vice versa. When you create your own, highly customised bet, you’re essentially creating a market not many sportsbooks will offer, which means your bookmaker doesn’t have to compete with other bookies for your stake. Therefore, nothing is really stopping them from offering you subpar odds.


Can you create your own bets?

Yes, you can, using odds-request features offered by most large bookmakers. You can craft your personalised wager on your own and then contact your bookmaker via Twitter, a dedicated app, or use a ready-made bet builder.

Do bookies legally have to pay out?

Even though many people have concerns regarding payouts from bookmakers, usually online venues, the law is strict. All licensed, legally operating bookmakers are obliged to pay out your winnings.

How do you make your own odds?

Making your own odds and requesting your own bets from bookmakers is now easier than ever. Long gone are the days when you had to call the bookmaker and wait until they contacted an odds trader and get an answer from them. Now, you can go for automatised bet builders or request-a-bet features.

How do I make a bet request?

A bet request can be made via social networks, usually Twitter, by posting your bet proposal using a designated hashtag and waiting for the bookmaker’s reply. Another way is using a bet builder on the website or a dedicated app.

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