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Betting is a pastime as old as time, and football betting is its much-beloved offspring. Of course, many sports enthusiasts with a penchant for games of chance spend their time and money trying to sign up on the list of the greatest football bet wins ever, but only a few succeed.

Whether you’re following tipsters, working on your own strategy and studying statistics, or simply hoping it’s going to be your lucky day, we’re sure you’ll be interested in finding out who are those lucky devils who managed to snatch a winning bet with a massive pot. Allow us to walk you through a list of football betting records and amazing life stories. Read on!

The Highest Payout in History

Without even thinking of hitting a record high with one of the biggest football bet wins in history, 27-year-old University of Nairobi graduate, Samuel Abisai, had spent most of his life in Kenya doing menial jobs. While trying to make ends meet, he would regularly fill out betting tickets, more for fun than with a hope for real change. Not in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that that 17 matches spread over two different bets placed for around £2 would have given him back a sum of £2 million.

Unexpected or not, the luck of the draw made Abisai a millionaire overnight, in a country where the average salary is around £120 per month. Not only was this one of the best football bet wins for an individual, but it also impacted the life in his community: Samuel Abisai made sure to donate part of his winnings to the local football club for social and sporting purposes.

The Biggest Single Football Bet Win in England

Gambling has become easier than ever, with so many online venues for placing football bets on your favourite teams, and betting apps alongside. Before the COVID-19 pandemic shut us all in our houses, most people preferred visiting their local bookie and mingling with other punters to study the best odds. It was under those dimmed lights and thick smoke that an anonymous bettor scored the biggest football bet win in England on a single bet.

During the 2015/2016 Premier League season, no one had even expected Leicester to get into the quarterfinals. However, there was someone who believed in them and was whimsical enough to place a bet on the club from the East Midlands, despite the dismal odds. A brave Leicester fan staked £50, only to have his loyalty and faith rewarded with over £72,000. Had he left his bet in the running for a while longer, he would have won almost four times as much, too!

The Biggest Football Accumulator Win Ever

Wagering on multiple matches is a more fun, if a bit riskier, way to win big and landing a once-in-a-lifetime acca bet is every punter’s dream. With new betting sites emerging every day, and brick-and-mortar casinos just around the corner, massive wins can become a reality. And that’s precisely what happened to a lucky London punter who bet £100 on 6542/1 odds and won an amazing £650,000.

The lucky Londoner wagered on eight games between West Ham, Coventry, Leyton Orient, Fulham, Wigan, and other big names. The biggest accumulator wins never come easy, as you have to correctly predict several outcomes. Still, with Jim O’Brien’s strike in the 91st minute of the last game on the punter’s ticket, this nerve-wracking acca earned the guy an enviable £650,000.

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The Euro 2016 £1 Million Winner

Searching for the best Euro betting odds might be daunting or exciting, depending on how you’re looking at things. A British kitchen fitter, Daman Chick, netted an astonishing £1 million during the Euro 2016. The decision of his lifetime was to back Portugal’s striker Eder for scoring the first goal in the final match against France. This led Chick to one of the greatest football bet wins in the history of the Euro League.

Even though Chick predicted Eder would score a goal in the 84th minute, the Portuguese scored in the 109th minute of the finals, leading his team to a glorious victory. The British punter later said that he made his prediction in a hurry, without even thinking while boarding a flight to Greece with his family. On top of that, the bookmaker had to track the Aston Villa fan down days after the finals, only to find him on his holiday in Greece, totally unaware of his windfall.

Woman Wins a Football Bet and Scoops Half a Million

If you believe football is a sport for men, one housewife from Leydon-on-sea is here prove you wrong. Fed up with her son and husband watching TV matches all weekend long, she put on a £1 12-team football accumulator bet, with odds mostly against outsiders. Even though she picked the 12 teams whose names she fancied and had zero betting experience, she won £574,278.41. Placing a bet on football acca made the anonymous turned the 58-year-old housewife’s life upside down.


How do I win a football bet every time?

Even though big football bet wins do not simply come running to every punter who places a bet, some seem to be luckier than others. We can share some techniques that’ll help you scoop a win: Follow experienced tipsters to get reliable information and advice. Try matched betting and arbitrage bets, as both strategies ensure higher winning chances and less risk. Make sure to track your bets to get a better insight into your betting patterns. And don’t forget – betting is a numbers game, so don’t go with your gut if you can go with the odds.

What is the biggest football accumulator win?

The biggest ever accumulator win in football was scored by a lucky London punter who wagered £100 on eight games with 6542/1 odds. After lots of uncertainty and nerve-wracking twists, Jim O’Brien struck in the 91st minute, thus securing an astonishing £650,000 to the UK gambler.

What’s the biggest win on sportsbet?

Placing a successful bet on a baseball match between the LA Dodgers and the Houston Astros has brought $14 million to an anonymous lucky punter. The biggest bet win in history happened in Las Vegas during the 2017 World Series, and the lucky winner was allegedly younger than 30 at the moment.

What is the easiest football bet to win?

When we think of easy bets, we usually think of those with the lowest odds and highest chances of cashing out. Betting on lower football odds means lower risks, but the payments are not outstanding, either. However, if you are looking for easy football bets, try Over/Under, where the only thing you have to do is guess whether a given match will have more or less than a certain number of goals. Football bet wins are guaranteed with Double Chance, which lets punters bet on two possible game outcomes. We would also suggest Draw No Bet and Both Teams to Score.

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